Sunday, 11 April 2010

Blog Entry No.2641431

hmm, I really forgot why did I start blogging, at firs it was just doing what other people are doing, " owh, blogging is cool, lemme try ! ".

Another reason was to write what going on in my life, more like a diary, which can be boring and girly at the same time, and i was like .. WHO CARES ? hmm maybe I do, perhaps after 20-30 years, if google wasn't fully hacked or bankrupted, I'll check these stories out, and remember the good 'ol days laughing.

I heard that blogging should be meaningful, something that can help people, blogging can be an outlet for your ideas and opinions.

One important thing got me to blog is to improve my English, which is from my perspective, terrible. yeah, despite how good it sounds and looks.
Here I am, again, bitching about my lousy English. hihhh

Blogging in Arabic ? That would be great !
it has been months since i last wrote something in Arabic, I think my hand writing will deteriorate if i kept going like this.

To this day, i still dunno how change my layout, or theme, or whatever it called.
Dja taught me, but hihh, still confusing.
I see the others with very beautiful layouts, themes, or whatever they're called.
I'll manage somehow.

OK,from now on I won' post "dear diary" stuff. I'll post stuff that are interesting, stuff that happened to me and taught me a few lessons. Good stuff.