Saturday, 31 October 2009

Take This in Return

If everyone cant read Arabic well so do I can't read Malay well.
So in return I'll post in Arabic :p
or try to mix the languages, so you can feel the tease.
here we go .. Aywan mafi shy a7san mn annak tiktop belo3'atak alumm, 8odra fi
atta3beer a7san, better vocabiolay, abilty to expres more.
faa ummm esh bagol .. aywa, bs laman tiktop bil English -binnisba linnas illi tihrij 3araby mn yomaha- tigdar ti7assin ingliziyyatak, tiktashif kilmat, ma3ani wa
mo96ala7at jadeeda. wa kaman you English typing fil computer. a brighter future for you.
i3teraf ba9ee6: ana ma a3rif aktob "3arabishi" besor3a, English? Yes.
و العكس صحيح يمديني اكتب باللغة دي سريع، اكيد الناس -بعض الناس- حتلاقي صعوبة في الفهم. و القراءة كمان.
معظم الماليزيين يمديهم يقرأوا عربي، لانه في تعليمهم الابتدائي
بس مع تقدم المراحل، مادة العربي تختفي
و الفهم و كمية الكلمات عندهم تقل.

Let's just keep it English, everyone can understand, after all, it is the universal language, existed ages before any language.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

My English Blows

Yes, it does, seriously. even though i can write, read and speak well; but very imperfectly.
Spelling is my huge problem, and i think that'll effect my educational process here.
I think my problem was in my primary education, me coming from Saudi Arabia, where English doesn't get that much of attention; my 13-year-old brother's English is better then an ordinary high school graduate in Saudi Arabia, and to be honest; only 4 or 5 in my whole school is good in English, seriously! I'm not overrating.
there we study English for only 6 years, thats merely not enough, and the English curriculum isn't so superb.
All my science subjects i had it learned in sheer Arabic! ,Unlike other countries, so I'll need to go through a preparatory year so i can bear the crucial studies later.
So, the average high school graduate can't:
1. Spell right.
2. Punctuate well.
3. make paragraphs or essays.
4. grasp outlandish new word,so a very poor vocabulary.
5. read skillfully, neither writing shapely.
and the list is on and on when it comes about English skills.

oh god almighty make my English well as time passes.
uhh I'm predicting a bad future because of this.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

1st Blog

Blog blog blog, i hear this word a lot, but never interested in actually doing it.
But here I am blogging, haha. The main reason that allured me to this is because i wanted to document my life, and state whats happening, something for my children in the future to know about my past life, and of course for Friends and family and interested readers.
none of my friends or relatives in Saudi Arabia does blogging, i wonder why.
but here in Malaysia most of them does.
Lets just hope that i don't quit writing.