Sunday, 21 November 2010

Status Update

Wah, it's been like 8 months with no single blog entry, a lot can happen in 8 months.
I'm planing on blogging more often and make it a habit, doesn't have be on daily basis, weekly at least. So, I'll update my current life status.

I've finished my bridging program, UIA's course foundation for international students, local Malaysian students can enrol to UIA by either CFS, centre for foundation studies, or by having an A-level certificate. In this "bridging" program I took Math, biology, chemistry, physics and basic computing skills, After that I've waited for the new semester, 2010/2011 session.

Kuantan! the day has finally come, i've heard a lot of stories about Kuantan, being the most boring and unsophisticated place to study, "The Jungle".
It's July 12th, my bags are packed and ready to go. I took the UIA bus from Kuantan, at that time new students have just finished the orientation week "Ta'aruf Week", more like hell week, i've been through it, so some of those new student were going to Kuantan -I bet they also didn't know that UIA had a campus in Kuantan- those students are now my friends and classmates, it's amazing how you make relationships with total strangers. So I was there for the last 4 months, the first semester out of 7-8 semesters, and it was kinda difficult for me to live there because: 1. It was the first time I have ever lived and mingled with my paople, orang Melayu, before this I was always with Arabs, eating their food, talking their language and happy with their customs. At the end of this very painful cultural transformation i've bacame, almost, budak melayu, got used to the simple life, got used to ride a motor bike!, the food and the very awkward habits. I've changed my view towards kuantan, well, when you're in a monkey cage for while, you'll get used to the smell.

Now, I'm home, chilling and relaxing after that long horrible semester, waiting for my results. Ahh i've prayed a lot, InshaAllah i'll be answered.