Sunday, 15 November 2009


Ahhh .. i have absolutely nothing to do. its 1:15 AM. whoa time is running so fast, it was 00:22. i remember a teacher, a religion teacher, said once that wasting time is HARAM, wasting it with no good is haram. yeah .. i agree ...

uuhhmm i've taken a nape today, so i don't feel sleepy .. like a Jinny .. everyones asleep, umm..

i'm now looking at my cellphone, and i feel like throwing it on the wall ... i hate it, i want a new one.. ee5555, 5 means the letter "Kha" in Arabic.
my life has changed when we moved here, a tremendous change ..god i hate here ..
very .. i grief on the time i've spent in Makka .. now my eyes are watering ..

shit, why did we have to move here anyways ? .. why should i suffer from my dads decisions .. GOD ... shit .. forgiveness lord, i shall bear with this.

a man, here, told me once : Majid, just wait and settle here for a while, i know that you eager to go back to makkah, but when you get used to it here, you well forget about going back and you gonna love it here.

then i nodded my head head with a yes, telling my self : F*** you, you dump s*** you don't know what i'm suffering from you pile of s*** ..

ahh i'm getting emotional here ..

i'll go back, no matter what. god knows whats waiting for me in the future.


Sunday, 8 November 2009


I'm very lazy, thats why i don't blog here alot. When i click on New Post and see this big white blank space i stand speechless and out of things to write.
So now I'll write what happened today, like a diary, sort of.

I woke up today to find everyones gone, i wondered is this a dream ? then i remembered mama telling me that they're going to uncle Munir's parents village, to pay a visit to the unwell ed oldster. He's in my prayers for soundness, if not resting in peace.
So i had breakfast, i found my sister; obviously she was asleep as well, picked the news paper anxiously wanna read them but it turned out they were in Malay, shiiiishshs "I don't speak Malay, Lucy" hehe.

I thought why not go out and catch a movie ? and so we did. supported by my over bored sister. by bus we went to Melaka Mall, but oops we're late "Law Abiding Citizen" has already started, so i switched to Inglorious Bastards.
We had lunch at KFC, waiting for the 3:30 movie to start.

Inglorious Bastards
A complete disappointment, sorry Quentin and his fans but i didn't like it.
What had supported my opinion about the movie was:
1. the Malay and Chinese subtitles.
2. the guy with the big wig in front of me.
3. most the movie was in French, if not all of it, in German as well. I just couldn't read the English Subs quickly, especially in fast-French dialogues.
4. the sound went out for like 10 minuets. stupid stingy careless HBO people !!

what a waste of time and money. maybe on DVD the movie well kill it, or in a proper theater.

We took the bus to get back, the same way we got there, we reached home at 8:00
Mama came home minute later, Bringing over 20Kg of Rambutan, yummm yummy.
Dad got his first ever ACCIDENT ! whoa, that calls for a celebration !
some lousy driver hit him in the back, smashing the rear bumper. No harm done, everyone is safe, only some substantial damage, Dad in pride refused the Compensations.
Surprisingly they brought KFC for dinner, HAHA lucky for us :)
uncle Salman gave me some books to reas too, bile of books.

sitting here, the only one awake, music in my ears, facebooking, IM-ing, Emailing and writing this.
its past midnight now, my sleep cycle is corrupted again.
better now head to bed.

"Everything is written in stone, you cant change the past nor the future, thats why the open minded don't grief upon Misfortunes nor gleesome over fortunes" Majid

Sunday, 1 November 2009


On 31 Oct we went to the "British Council" the place that my uncle Salman wanted me badly to go.
Madiha and I took a 4 PM bus to Sermban, the bus wasn't that full, only a few people. when i sat down i felt instantaneously bored; so i grabbed my PSP to listen to some music, when i found out that i didnt bring my earpiece, aaargh what a bummer.
So i slept until i reached my destination at like 5:30 PM, where i found uncle Salman waiting for us. Then, we had supper at aunty Faridah's. After that we went to uncle Salman's house in Nilai to take a loud off and to catch some sleep.
In the morning, after having a breakfast, we started the trip.
we went to the KLCC, which is a remarkable place that i haven't been in for the last 6 year, it is a bit shorter now, hehe I've grown a few cms. Then we went to this Malaysia tourism center, and we saw the KL tower,a terrific place for banji jumping as i supposed, i wanna try it one day if possible.
Finally! the British Council! a good place to educate everyone about English, i saw kids in classes, it was very adorable and the teachers were very kind and they looked professional, they seemed from out of town, Europeans or Americans.
we just sat there and read some books and magazines.
We got back to where we parked the car in the KLCC after we had lunch, and off to the bus station in Seremban, we bought the tickets, we said goodbye, and rode the 4 PM bus that was headed to Melaka.
We reached our home safely alhamdulillah, i dropped the bags somewhere, took a shower and fell to sleeeep ...

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Take This in Return

If everyone cant read Arabic well so do I can't read Malay well.
So in return I'll post in Arabic :p
or try to mix the languages, so you can feel the tease.
here we go .. Aywan mafi shy a7san mn annak tiktop belo3'atak alumm, 8odra fi
atta3beer a7san, better vocabiolay, abilty to expres more.
faa ummm esh bagol .. aywa, bs laman tiktop bil English -binnisba linnas illi tihrij 3araby mn yomaha- tigdar ti7assin ingliziyyatak, tiktashif kilmat, ma3ani wa
mo96ala7at jadeeda. wa kaman you English typing fil computer. a brighter future for you.
i3teraf ba9ee6: ana ma a3rif aktob "3arabishi" besor3a, English? Yes.
و العكس صحيح يمديني اكتب باللغة دي سريع، اكيد الناس -بعض الناس- حتلاقي صعوبة في الفهم. و القراءة كمان.
معظم الماليزيين يمديهم يقرأوا عربي، لانه في تعليمهم الابتدائي
بس مع تقدم المراحل، مادة العربي تختفي
و الفهم و كمية الكلمات عندهم تقل.

Let's just keep it English, everyone can understand, after all, it is the universal language, existed ages before any language.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

My English Blows

Yes, it does, seriously. even though i can write, read and speak well; but very imperfectly.
Spelling is my huge problem, and i think that'll effect my educational process here.
I think my problem was in my primary education, me coming from Saudi Arabia, where English doesn't get that much of attention; my 13-year-old brother's English is better then an ordinary high school graduate in Saudi Arabia, and to be honest; only 4 or 5 in my whole school is good in English, seriously! I'm not overrating.
there we study English for only 6 years, thats merely not enough, and the English curriculum isn't so superb.
All my science subjects i had it learned in sheer Arabic! ,Unlike other countries, so I'll need to go through a preparatory year so i can bear the crucial studies later.
So, the average high school graduate can't:
1. Spell right.
2. Punctuate well.
3. make paragraphs or essays.
4. grasp outlandish new word,so a very poor vocabulary.
5. read skillfully, neither writing shapely.
and the list is on and on when it comes about English skills.

oh god almighty make my English well as time passes.
uhh I'm predicting a bad future because of this.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

1st Blog

Blog blog blog, i hear this word a lot, but never interested in actually doing it.
But here I am blogging, haha. The main reason that allured me to this is because i wanted to document my life, and state whats happening, something for my children in the future to know about my past life, and of course for Friends and family and interested readers.
none of my friends or relatives in Saudi Arabia does blogging, i wonder why.
but here in Malaysia most of them does.
Lets just hope that i don't quit writing.