Sunday, 15 November 2009


Ahhh .. i have absolutely nothing to do. its 1:15 AM. whoa time is running so fast, it was 00:22. i remember a teacher, a religion teacher, said once that wasting time is HARAM, wasting it with no good is haram. yeah .. i agree ...

uuhhmm i've taken a nape today, so i don't feel sleepy .. like a Jinny .. everyones asleep, umm..

i'm now looking at my cellphone, and i feel like throwing it on the wall ... i hate it, i want a new one.. ee5555, 5 means the letter "Kha" in Arabic.
my life has changed when we moved here, a tremendous change ..god i hate here ..
very .. i grief on the time i've spent in Makka .. now my eyes are watering ..

shit, why did we have to move here anyways ? .. why should i suffer from my dads decisions .. GOD ... shit .. forgiveness lord, i shall bear with this.

a man, here, told me once : Majid, just wait and settle here for a while, i know that you eager to go back to makkah, but when you get used to it here, you well forget about going back and you gonna love it here.

then i nodded my head head with a yes, telling my self : F*** you, you dump s*** you don't know what i'm suffering from you pile of s*** ..

ahh i'm getting emotional here ..

i'll go back, no matter what. god knows whats waiting for me in the future.


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  1. and here i thought living in oversea is my dream.. i never know it would be so difficult.