Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Procrastinator: Salvation

    Salamualaikum, dear phantom readers.
Hmmm, let's see how long has it been ... WHOA! 10 freakin months. OK, that is a VERY long time without a single post in this poor blog.

Perhaps after new year a new sem has just started, so I was a bit busy. excuse#1
No mood. excuse#2
No one's gonna open it anyways! excuse#3
No inspiration. excuse#4
Procrastination! ok, this the real reason :D

You know I have so much plans for this blog, a year a ago. Like at least a weakly entry, very cool blog design with very cool gadgets and perhaps vlogs *nah* but one thing has stopped me: procrastination.

In real life i'm not a procrastinator, crucial things must be settled on the spot, and some things don't. I prioritize. So when it come to online stuff like blogging, social networks, i'm a huge procrastinator, I may leave a comment without a reply til the guy forgets he made that comment. you know facebook is my #1 time consumer, even when i'm flying low, scrolling down with liking or commenting.

Another time eater is messenger, I use Live messenger, unlike many who like to use YM. chat n chat n chat n chat, I stay up late because of my dear friends holding me from sleeping because of the 5 hours difference, if it's midnight here, then it's 7 pm over there in Saudi.

Now I'm trying to learn photoshop, which is something I was planing to do months ago, just solid basics. going pro is gonna take time. why it took almost a year to start learning? Procrastination

Why is there only 16 posts in this blog? Procrastination

OK, inshallah i'll terminate this habit, it is really a charecter flaw. hmm starting from .... tomorrow? nah after ramadhan .. nah that Eid .. after Eid? nah the new semester in starting ..

Alright let's do things when they are supposed to be done!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Status Update

Wah, it's been like 8 months with no single blog entry, a lot can happen in 8 months.
I'm planing on blogging more often and make it a habit, doesn't have be on daily basis, weekly at least. So, I'll update my current life status.

I've finished my bridging program, UIA's course foundation for international students, local Malaysian students can enrol to UIA by either CFS, centre for foundation studies, or by having an A-level certificate. In this "bridging" program I took Math, biology, chemistry, physics and basic computing skills, After that I've waited for the new semester, 2010/2011 session.

Kuantan! the day has finally come, i've heard a lot of stories about Kuantan, being the most boring and unsophisticated place to study, "The Jungle".
It's July 12th, my bags are packed and ready to go. I took the UIA bus from Kuantan, at that time new students have just finished the orientation week "Ta'aruf Week", more like hell week, i've been through it, so some of those new student were going to Kuantan -I bet they also didn't know that UIA had a campus in Kuantan- those students are now my friends and classmates, it's amazing how you make relationships with total strangers. So I was there for the last 4 months, the first semester out of 7-8 semesters, and it was kinda difficult for me to live there because: 1. It was the first time I have ever lived and mingled with my paople, orang Melayu, before this I was always with Arabs, eating their food, talking their language and happy with their customs. At the end of this very painful cultural transformation i've bacame, almost, budak melayu, got used to the simple life, got used to ride a motor bike!, the food and the very awkward habits. I've changed my view towards kuantan, well, when you're in a monkey cage for while, you'll get used to the smell.

Now, I'm home, chilling and relaxing after that long horrible semester, waiting for my results. Ahh i've prayed a lot, InshaAllah i'll be answered.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Blog Entry No.2641431

hmm, I really forgot why did I start blogging, at firs it was just doing what other people are doing, " owh, blogging is cool, lemme try ! ".

Another reason was to write what going on in my life, more like a diary, which can be boring and girly at the same time, and i was like .. WHO CARES ? hmm maybe I do, perhaps after 20-30 years, if google wasn't fully hacked or bankrupted, I'll check these stories out, and remember the good 'ol days laughing.

I heard that blogging should be meaningful, something that can help people, blogging can be an outlet for your ideas and opinions.

One important thing got me to blog is to improve my English, which is from my perspective, terrible. yeah, despite how good it sounds and looks.
Here I am, again, bitching about my lousy English. hihhh

Blogging in Arabic ? That would be great !
it has been months since i last wrote something in Arabic, I think my hand writing will deteriorate if i kept going like this.

To this day, i still dunno how change my layout, or theme, or whatever it called.
Dja taught me, but hihh, still confusing.
I see the others with very beautiful layouts, themes, or whatever they're called.
I'll manage somehow.

OK,from now on I won' post "dear diary" stuff. I'll post stuff that are interesting, stuff that happened to me and taught me a few lessons. Good stuff.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

30 Nov .. Enrollment in UIAM

Amazing, now I'm a collage student .. sounds awesome.
UIA, or IIUM, a well known University in Malaysia. also in some Arabic and Islamic countries. I really don't know how did i end up there, i don't even recall choosing UIA. I guess mom picked it up for me.
I was pursuing Medicine, but unfortunately thing didn't work out as i planed. So in UIA i had to switch my chosen course to Biomedical science, a major disappointment. I don't even know what will i end up with such degree.
But not worries I got plans ...

So UIA, a pretty cool International university, there you find every race god created. i fitted there quickly, 'cause I've found lots of Arabs there, especially student from Saudi Arabia -my hometown- yeah my home town, and proudly saying it, 'cause i was born and raised there, you know already, kan ?

Ta'aruf Week (TW) Was hell week. I hated every single minute of it. I wont mention the torture i faced that week. ask whoever you know about it.

During the TW i took an English proficiency test EPT and, Arabic proficiency test APT and the Fundamental knowledge Test FKT.
and the results were :
EPT: 5,6 didn't pass, so i was forced to take the English course in the finale level, level 6. after that I'll take another EPT later. I must pass that one ...
APT: PASSED! I nailed it, no wonder,Arabic is my mother tongue.
FKT: didn't pass, i was about basic Islamic teachings, I felt ashamed for not passing, 'cause i came Makka .. daahh anyway i had to take some classes about it.

I also had to take some "bridging" courses, or foundation as you call it.
the courses are: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Basic Computer Skills.

After finishing the foundation courses and the English I'll be able to go and start my major course; Biomedicine. In Kuantan NOT Gombak, very unfortunate ...

3 bulan

Yeah, 3 months with absolutely no single update.
Too many things happened to me in these 3 months, major and important turning point in my life.

Ahh I feel the regret for not writing anything about them, now I'll try to list them down here in order to catch up, and hopefully i wont get malas to update this dear blog.

Sunday, 15 November 2009


Ahhh .. i have absolutely nothing to do. its 1:15 AM. whoa time is running so fast, it was 00:22. i remember a teacher, a religion teacher, said once that wasting time is HARAM, wasting it with no good is haram. yeah .. i agree ...

uuhhmm i've taken a nape today, so i don't feel sleepy .. like a Jinny .. everyones asleep, umm..

i'm now looking at my cellphone, and i feel like throwing it on the wall ... i hate it, i want a new one.. ee5555, 5 means the letter "Kha" in Arabic.
my life has changed when we moved here, a tremendous change ..god i hate here ..
very .. i grief on the time i've spent in Makka .. now my eyes are watering ..

shit, why did we have to move here anyways ? .. why should i suffer from my dads decisions .. GOD ... shit .. forgiveness lord, i shall bear with this.

a man, here, told me once : Majid, just wait and settle here for a while, i know that you eager to go back to makkah, but when you get used to it here, you well forget about going back and you gonna love it here.

then i nodded my head head with a yes, telling my self : F*** you, you dump s*** you don't know what i'm suffering from you pile of s*** ..

ahh i'm getting emotional here ..

i'll go back, no matter what. god knows whats waiting for me in the future.


Sunday, 8 November 2009


I'm very lazy, thats why i don't blog here alot. When i click on New Post and see this big white blank space i stand speechless and out of things to write.
So now I'll write what happened today, like a diary, sort of.

I woke up today to find everyones gone, i wondered is this a dream ? then i remembered mama telling me that they're going to uncle Munir's parents village, to pay a visit to the unwell ed oldster. He's in my prayers for soundness, if not resting in peace.
So i had breakfast, i found my sister; obviously she was asleep as well, picked the news paper anxiously wanna read them but it turned out they were in Malay, shiiiishshs "I don't speak Malay, Lucy" hehe.

I thought why not go out and catch a movie ? and so we did. supported by my over bored sister. by bus we went to Melaka Mall, but oops we're late "Law Abiding Citizen" has already started, so i switched to Inglorious Bastards.
We had lunch at KFC, waiting for the 3:30 movie to start.

Inglorious Bastards
A complete disappointment, sorry Quentin and his fans but i didn't like it.
What had supported my opinion about the movie was:
1. the Malay and Chinese subtitles.
2. the guy with the big wig in front of me.
3. most the movie was in French, if not all of it, in German as well. I just couldn't read the English Subs quickly, especially in fast-French dialogues.
4. the sound went out for like 10 minuets. stupid stingy careless HBO people !!

what a waste of time and money. maybe on DVD the movie well kill it, or in a proper theater.

We took the bus to get back, the same way we got there, we reached home at 8:00
Mama came home minute later, Bringing over 20Kg of Rambutan, yummm yummy.
Dad got his first ever ACCIDENT ! whoa, that calls for a celebration !
some lousy driver hit him in the back, smashing the rear bumper. No harm done, everyone is safe, only some substantial damage, Dad in pride refused the Compensations.
Surprisingly they brought KFC for dinner, HAHA lucky for us :)
uncle Salman gave me some books to reas too, bile of books.

sitting here, the only one awake, music in my ears, facebooking, IM-ing, Emailing and writing this.
its past midnight now, my sleep cycle is corrupted again.
better now head to bed.

"Everything is written in stone, you cant change the past nor the future, thats why the open minded don't grief upon Misfortunes nor gleesome over fortunes" Majid