Saturday, 30 January 2010

30 Nov .. Enrollment in UIAM

Amazing, now I'm a collage student .. sounds awesome.
UIA, or IIUM, a well known University in Malaysia. also in some Arabic and Islamic countries. I really don't know how did i end up there, i don't even recall choosing UIA. I guess mom picked it up for me.
I was pursuing Medicine, but unfortunately thing didn't work out as i planed. So in UIA i had to switch my chosen course to Biomedical science, a major disappointment. I don't even know what will i end up with such degree.
But not worries I got plans ...

So UIA, a pretty cool International university, there you find every race god created. i fitted there quickly, 'cause I've found lots of Arabs there, especially student from Saudi Arabia -my hometown- yeah my home town, and proudly saying it, 'cause i was born and raised there, you know already, kan ?

Ta'aruf Week (TW) Was hell week. I hated every single minute of it. I wont mention the torture i faced that week. ask whoever you know about it.

During the TW i took an English proficiency test EPT and, Arabic proficiency test APT and the Fundamental knowledge Test FKT.
and the results were :
EPT: 5,6 didn't pass, so i was forced to take the English course in the finale level, level 6. after that I'll take another EPT later. I must pass that one ...
APT: PASSED! I nailed it, no wonder,Arabic is my mother tongue.
FKT: didn't pass, i was about basic Islamic teachings, I felt ashamed for not passing, 'cause i came Makka .. daahh anyway i had to take some classes about it.

I also had to take some "bridging" courses, or foundation as you call it.
the courses are: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Basic Computer Skills.

After finishing the foundation courses and the English I'll be able to go and start my major course; Biomedicine. In Kuantan NOT Gombak, very unfortunate ...


  1. you'll be off to Kuantan?? man, that place is like VERY far from civilisation man

  2. I know I know !
    I heard lots of stuff about kuantan, and people keep discouraging me.
    imagine studying 4 years in that "uncivilized" place ..

  3. gaa JD i got to know this from urself , i thought u stopped blogging few months back! why didnt u tell me ish ish.

  4. IIiihh, sorry -.-
    why don't you check every once in a while :D

  5. oooOOOO....kutuk2 UIA kuantan nampak.......hahaha!!
    yup, i do admit, kuantan is soooo far behind to compare with the one in gombak, mana tak nya, uia kuantan is just about....hmmmm.....around 10 years maybe?

    anyhow, as long as you get your intention straight and focus clear, there will be nothing much difference between studying here and anywhere else beside kuantan. the important thing is how we are able to suit ourselves with the environment and the nature of the residency and teachings. hope you will enjoy your stay and have pleasant days here at kuantan.

    its ok, i know the tricks where you can go to gombak like every months. ;)