Saturday, 30 January 2010

30 Nov .. Enrollment in UIAM

Amazing, now I'm a collage student .. sounds awesome.
UIA, or IIUM, a well known University in Malaysia. also in some Arabic and Islamic countries. I really don't know how did i end up there, i don't even recall choosing UIA. I guess mom picked it up for me.
I was pursuing Medicine, but unfortunately thing didn't work out as i planed. So in UIA i had to switch my chosen course to Biomedical science, a major disappointment. I don't even know what will i end up with such degree.
But not worries I got plans ...

So UIA, a pretty cool International university, there you find every race god created. i fitted there quickly, 'cause I've found lots of Arabs there, especially student from Saudi Arabia -my hometown- yeah my home town, and proudly saying it, 'cause i was born and raised there, you know already, kan ?

Ta'aruf Week (TW) Was hell week. I hated every single minute of it. I wont mention the torture i faced that week. ask whoever you know about it.

During the TW i took an English proficiency test EPT and, Arabic proficiency test APT and the Fundamental knowledge Test FKT.
and the results were :
EPT: 5,6 didn't pass, so i was forced to take the English course in the finale level, level 6. after that I'll take another EPT later. I must pass that one ...
APT: PASSED! I nailed it, no wonder,Arabic is my mother tongue.
FKT: didn't pass, i was about basic Islamic teachings, I felt ashamed for not passing, 'cause i came Makka .. daahh anyway i had to take some classes about it.

I also had to take some "bridging" courses, or foundation as you call it.
the courses are: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Basic Computer Skills.

After finishing the foundation courses and the English I'll be able to go and start my major course; Biomedicine. In Kuantan NOT Gombak, very unfortunate ...

3 bulan

Yeah, 3 months with absolutely no single update.
Too many things happened to me in these 3 months, major and important turning point in my life.

Ahh I feel the regret for not writing anything about them, now I'll try to list them down here in order to catch up, and hopefully i wont get malas to update this dear blog.