Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Procrastinator: Salvation

    Salamualaikum, dear phantom readers.
Hmmm, let's see how long has it been ... WHOA! 10 freakin months. OK, that is a VERY long time without a single post in this poor blog.

Perhaps after new year a new sem has just started, so I was a bit busy. excuse#1
No mood. excuse#2
No one's gonna open it anyways! excuse#3
No inspiration. excuse#4
Procrastination! ok, this the real reason :D

You know I have so much plans for this blog, a year a ago. Like at least a weakly entry, very cool blog design with very cool gadgets and perhaps vlogs *nah* but one thing has stopped me: procrastination.

In real life i'm not a procrastinator, crucial things must be settled on the spot, and some things don't. I prioritize. So when it come to online stuff like blogging, social networks, i'm a huge procrastinator, I may leave a comment without a reply til the guy forgets he made that comment. you know facebook is my #1 time consumer, even when i'm flying low, scrolling down with liking or commenting.

Another time eater is messenger, I use Live messenger, unlike many who like to use YM. chat n chat n chat n chat, I stay up late because of my dear friends holding me from sleeping because of the 5 hours difference, if it's midnight here, then it's 7 pm over there in Saudi.

Now I'm trying to learn photoshop, which is something I was planing to do months ago, just solid basics. going pro is gonna take time. why it took almost a year to start learning? Procrastination

Why is there only 16 posts in this blog? Procrastination

OK, inshallah i'll terminate this habit, it is really a charecter flaw. hmm starting from .... tomorrow? nah after ramadhan .. nah that Eid .. after Eid? nah the new semester in starting ..

Alright let's do things when they are supposed to be done!

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